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    "More on working with individual companies and how to deal with them."
    Admin response: Thanks for the feedback! We are in the process of building more courses and will include this topic!

Continuing Education

This course is designed to fulfill the 8-hours of continuing education as required by the JBCC for Certified Texas Process Server renewal.

What's in the Curriculum

  • This is a refresher course that reviews the rules of civil procedure as set forth by the JBCC.
  • Includes an overview of the Code of Ethics of Process Servers, which includes scenarios process servers might face in the field.
  • The course includes reading, videos, and chapter quizzes to test your knowledge.

What's Included

  • Students will receive an instant, verifiable Certificate of Completion that is emailed to the email address associated with your profile.
  • An instructional video explaining how to track your continuing education studies in your JBCC profile.
  • Students also receive 3-Months FREE access to ServeManager ($117 Value. New Customers Only)
  • You'll also become a part of our Insider CODEX Team and receive special promotions, free first looks to upcoming courses, and free course updates as they roll out.


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All Successful Students will Receive

  • Certificate of Completion

    Instantly download your Certificate of Completion. Your certificate can be digitally verified, and can be easily uploaded to your renewal application, printed for your records, or add your badge to your LinkedIn profile or website.

  • Reminder

    Receive a future reminder for when your continuing education is needed again for renewal. You'll also receive a special discount as a return student!

  • ServeManager

    3-Months FREE Access to ServeManager, a full-featured software solution for management of service of process designed for process servers. Manage your business like a pro!
    ($117 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Education

  • How many hours of continuing education is required to renew?

    Effective 04/12/2018, to renew a certification, a process server must have completed 8 hours of approved continuing education. Please refer to sections 4.0 and 8.5 of the JBCC Rules for additional information on continuing education requirements.

  • Can I take your 8-hour course to satisfy my continuing education requirements?

    Yes! We are a JBCC-approved continuing education provider. When you go to submit your CE Certificate of Completion in your renewal application, search for "CODEX" and you will see the course listed as an approved course.

  • How do I report the CE courses I've taken?

    You must report the JBCC approved CE courses you've taken when you apply for renewal of your certification. You must also upload copies of your certificates of attendance to your renewal application as well.

  • I was told that I needed 12 hours of continuing education credit. Is that right?

    12 hours of continuing education credit was required for individuals whose 3-year certifications expired in 2018. Effective 04/12/2018, to renew a certification, a process server must have completed 8 hours of approved continuing education. Please refer to sections 4.0 and 8.5 of the JBCC Rules for additional information on continuing education requirements. Per JBCC, if you happen to take a 12 hour credit course now, you can carry forward up to 4 hours of CE towards your next renewal.

  • When am I supposed to renew and complete my CE course?

    Submit applications at least 30 days before your expiration date to avoid delays in processing your application. JBCC will email a reminder notice to the primary email address on file. After you receive your notice, you will be able to apply online for renewal of your certification. If possible, you should allow yourself enough time to complete your continuing education courses and time to submit your application.

  • What is this course about?

    This course is a refresher on the Texas Process Server procedures as set forth by the JBCC. This course also includes an overview of the JBCC Code of Ethics.

  • Will you offer anymore CE courses?

    We are in the process of developing additional continuing education courses. Please join our mailing list if you would like to stay up-to-date with new courses and discount offers.

  • Is this an online class?

    Yes, this is a self-study, learn at your own pace, online course. You will also have access to our team if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes! You will be emailed a Certificate of Completion once you complete the course at 100% and have completed the Student Record Form. The certificates can be printed and the accreditation can be verified through an online system.

Course Curriculum

  • 3

    Course Downloads & Information

    • Course Material

    • Process Server Glossary

    • Process Server Orientation Course JBCC Curriculum

    • How Presentation Sections Work

  • 4

    Chapter 1: Civil Process

    • Civil Process

    • Key Definitions

    • Civil Process Overview

    • Chapter 1: Quiz #1

    • Service of Process

    • Chapter 1: Quiz #2

  • 5

    Chapter 2: Service Instrument/Process

    • Key Definitions

    • Chapter 2: Quiz #1

    • Types of Documents

    • Subpoenas

    • Chapter 2: Quiz #2

  • 6

    Chapter 3: Proper Service

    • Key Definitions

    • Service of Process Overview

    • Service to an Individual

    • Documents to be Delivered

    • Endorse Documents

    • Identifying the Individual

    • Chapter 3: Quiz #1

    • A Proper Serve

    • Detailed Records

    • Other Types of Serves

    • Chapter 3: Quiz #2

    • Due Diligence

    • Substitute of Service

    • Substitute of Service: Age

    • Substitute of Service: Attach

    • Substitute of Service: Other Information

    • Service to an Entity

    • Chapter 3: Quiz #3

  • 7

    Chapter 4: Proper Return

    • Key Definitions

    • Return Overview

    • Return of Service

    • Chapter 4: Quiz #1

    • What Must be Included

    • Unsuccessful Attempts

    • Chapter 4: Quiz #2

    • Return of Service: Forms

    • Return of Service: Affidavits

    • Additional Information

    • Amended Return

    • Return of Subpoenas

    • Chapter 4: Quiz #3

  • 8

    Chapter 5: Alternate Service

    • Substitute of Service: Whereabouts Unknown

    • Substitute of Service: Secretary of State

    • Chapter 5: Quiz #1

  • 9

    Chapter 6: Appendices

    • Criminal Law

    • Federal Rules

  • 10

    Chapter 7: Process Server Ethics

    • JBCC Code of Ethics

    • Respect

    • Accurate Returns; Honesty

    • Service by Law Firm Employees

    • Process Server's Objectivity

    • Appearance of Impropriety, Exaggerating Authority, & Wearing a Uniform/Badge

    • Maintaining Contact Information with the JBCC

    • Prompt Response

    • Complaint Investigation & Reporting Violations

    • Reportable Events

    • Misconduct

    • JBCC Code of Ethics

  • 11

    One Last Thing...

    • Please share your feedback

    • Important Information

    • Important Information

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