Learn ServeManager

In this FREE course, you'll learn how to navigate through the great features ServeManager offers. You learn about:

  • Using the Companies Menu CRM and Creating Jobs. Keep your jobs and business organized.

  • Recording a Service Attempt and Creating an Affidavit all within the ServeManager tool.

  • Using the ServeManager Mobile Site and GPS Data. Send your clients REAL-TIME updates!

  • Explore power Accounting and Invoicing features.

ServeManager Video Tutorials

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    1. Create a Job

    2. Job Order Form

    3. Create a Service Attempt

    4. Mobile Site & GPS Data

    5. Create an Affidavit

    6. eFiling with ServeManager

    7. Creating an Invoice

    8. Payments with Stripe

    9. My Account

    10. Account Settings

    11. Overview Dashboard

    12. Court Cases

    13. Accounting, Invoices, Statements, & More

    14. Server Pay (Payroll)

    15. ServeManager Directory

    16. Collaboration

About this course

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