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We ask all of our students at the end of the course for their feedback about their experience. Here is what we ask and what students are saying:

  • How satisfied were you with this course?

    9.6 / 10

    Average Student Rating
    (1-10 Stars)
  • What was the most helpful thing for you in this course?

    "Easy to understand and follow. Awesome CE sessions."
    Joseph N.

    "Update on current laws. Course was excellent. Lessons were easily explained and to the point."
    Paul D.

    "Love this course! It was extremely helpful."
    Angela B.

    "Refreshing the laws, explaining in more detail as it applies to Process Server duties. Good information."
    S. Lee

    "I think the course is great, everything is laid out and examples given before quiz is to be taken. [I have] A better understanding of the TRCP rules and types of assaults. Great course, I will be taking other courses from Codex Legal Services "
    Tommie J.

  • What is something we can improve or change?

    "More pictorials would be good."
    Admin response: Thanks for the feedback. We will include your comments in our next course refresh.

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    JBCC Student Record & Course Acknowledgement

    • Complete Required Form: Student Record & Course Acknowledgment

  • 3

    Course Downloads

    • Course Material

    • Process Server Glossary

    • JBCC Code of Ethics

    • JBCC Complaint Process Flowchart

  • 4

    Code of Ethics

    • JBCC Code of Ethics

    • Respect

    • Respect Scenarios

    • Accurate Returns; Honesty

    • Accurate Returns; Honesty Scenarios

    • Service by Law Firm Employees

    • Service by Law Firm Employees Scenarios

    • Process Server's Objectivity

    • Process Server's Objectivity Scenarios

    • Appearance of Impropriety, Exaggerating Authority, & Wearing a Uniform/Badge

    • Appearance of Impropriety, Exaggerating Authority, & Wearing a Uniform/Badge Scenarios

    • Maintaining Contact Information with the JBCC

    • Maintaining Contact Information with the JBCC Scenarios

    • Prompt Response

    • Prompt Response Scenarios

    • Complaint Investigations & Reporting Violations

    • Complaint Investigation & Reporting Violations Scenarios

    • Reportable Events

    • Reportable Events Scenarios

    • Misconduct

    • Misconduct Scenarios

  • 5

    Texas Criminal Law

    • Criminal Law

    • Texas Criminal Laws for Process Servers

    • Sec. 22.01. Assault

    • Assault Overview

    • Sec. 38.16. Preventing Execution of Civil Process

    • Perjury & Related Offenses

    • Perjury & Aggravated Perjury Overview

    • Tampering with Governmental Record Overview

    • Sec. 37.11. Impersonating Public Servant

    • Sec. 30.05. Criminal Trespass

    • Criminal Trespass Overview

    • Purport Intention to Avoid Service of Process

    • Texas Criminal Law Knowledge Check

  • 6

    Course Feedback

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